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I am Arif Siddiqui, I remember, when I wrote the first verse(sher), I was in 2nd grade. I still don’t know what that was but I got great appreciation from my father and he always mention this among his friends and feel proud that what his son have done in 2nd grade. His appreciation developed my skills to express emotions in words than I changed the medium and adopted designing, just to express my emotions. In childhood, I used to spend my time by copying paragraphs, writing lectures again and again, writing name of my father’s company in different styles.

By the time I was a student in high school still than I was a boy who never wants to talk with anybody, this was not because of lack in confidence but this is my nature which ever make me flying in my own thoughts may be this is also why I wanted to be a pilot which could not be happened because of my long sightedness.

When I was in grade 11, I joined a multimedia training institute and that was the peak time of my interest in computer graphics that’s why I got lot of successes and appreciation. It got to the point in institute where I was always being asked to do the poster for this or that so my confidence get built up and I thought to do further studies in graphic art. But my first year at art school was totally trashed that, so I had to start again. Now in 3rd year I feel I am pulling my own weight.

I started professional work in graphics design from my institute when I designed its official website which was appreciated from everywhere and won many international awards. Again appreciation played an important role in my life and my career went specifically toward New Media. Since that I never spent even a single month without working on any website projects. After 2 years in professional life I was getting offers of much bigger project which were not possible for me to do alone. Than I thought some of my friends could assist me who are specialized in different fields and I was succeed to organize a team who is working with me on a big project but still I am doing rest of small projects alone.

For valuable assistance in my life I am greatful to
some people


Either you like to talk with people or not but you always want to communicate your thoughts and It always remain hard for me to express my feelings. Maybe this is also why I love to write poetry and create visuals just to express what is going on inside my mind and share such traditional art and poetry with limited people that is why I include only my professional work and assignments in this online portfolio.

The primary goal of my life is to be peaceful and to make other people happy. There are situations in which I have found myself able to achieve both; i.e. when give expensive gifts to my friends and relatives, may be that is why I also want to earn more money, just to spend it more for others. But things do not always turn out as you expected… that is the fear.. always remain in my life.

Arif Siddiqui
February 08, 2005

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