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Special Thaks

Thank you ALLAH for all your wisdom and guidance. For sending great messengers to this earth filled with love and peace in their heart. There is always someone at every turn of every corner that has you in them. Please keep me humble and continue to show me the light

Many people come in our life, spend time with us and gone and we forget almost everyone except few people whose love, care and support never be possible again and always remain as a precious thing of life. I also have such precious things in my life. I would like to mention two of them.

Aisha Laiq, my teacher, she gave me extra inclination to see my extremely interest in computer Graphics. She is a single personality who actually developed my creativity and skills in graphics design. She moved to Canada in 2002 but I am still in contact with her and always want her to be first viewer of my any project. I remember She said to me “Arif ! Your work is your power ".

Atiq Siddiqui, one of my best friend, he moved to Chicago in 1999 and he is the person who introduced me in US industry. By his efforts I was successful to get 1st contract from a US Company and it will not be false if I say that rest of projects could be possible only because of that prject which was because of him.